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This Book Is Gray Gray Just Wants To Be Included But The Other Colors Are Always Leaving Him Out So He Decides To Create His Own Project An All Gray Book Once Upon A Time, There Lived A Wolf, A Kitten, And A Hippo Gray Just Knows It S Going To Be Perfect But As He Adds Page After Page, The Primary And Secondary Colors Show Up And They Aren T Quite So Complimentary.A Book Within A Book, This Colorful Tale Explores The Ideas Of Fitting In, Appreciating Others, And Looking At Things From Another Perspective And Also Uses Personality And Wit To Introduce Basic Color Concepts.

About the Author: Lindsay Ward

Lindsay Ward has a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University Her most recent books include It s Show and Tell, Dexter and Don t Forget Dexter , books 1 and 2 in the Dexter T Rexter Series with Two Lions She is also the author and illustrator of Brobarians Two Lions, 2017 , The Importance of Being 3 Dial 2016 , Rosco vs the Baby SS, 2016 , Henry Finds His Word Dial, 2015 , a Choose to Read Ohio Book, When Blue Met Egg Dial, 2012 , and Please Bring Balloons Dial, 2013 , which was produced into a play by the New York City Children s Theater in 2017 Her work has been reviewed in Kirkus Reviews, Publisher s Weekly, and the New York Times Lindsay is currently working on a new board book series, I Go , with HarperCollins, due Summer 2019 and This Book Is Gray, a new picture book with Two Lions She is the founder of Critter Lit www.critterlit.com , a free picture book manuscript and illustration critique service for up and coming authors and illustrators Lindsay lives in Peninsula, Ohio with her husband, two sons, and dog Visit her online at www.lindsaymward.com or follow her on Twitter lindsaymward.

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    This book is cute, but let me get this out of the way first I hate the color gray It s sad and depressing and the color of pollution, but I do like the a grey overcast day and if you notice it makes the other colors aroundcozy The greens are a deeper green and stand outGray is the new stylish color now and I don t like it Anyway.I went into this book apprehensive

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    This may be a children s book, but I thought it was GRAYt In fact, it was chock full of puns and banter I believe adults would appreciate this as much as any kid would.No matter your age, you ll laugh with Gray and his colorful friends through every page And maybe, just maybe, you ll learn an interesting thing or two about colors.

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    This is a book for children up to about nine about the lesser known color, gray, and why it should get its time in the spotlight.My little kid panelists 2 to 5 found the illustrations charming but the text had to be simplified for their comprehension.The book is short, and we will try it again in about a year to see if the result is different Ward wants to pack in some terms that

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    Charles van BurenLove your neighborNovember 1, 2019Verified PurchaseReview of Kindle editionPublication date December 1, 2019Publisher Two LionsLanguage EnglishASIN B07MQR7B5VI downloaded this book through theFirst Reads Program for our daughter We sat down and read the book together She complained that the print in the Kindle edition is too small on my 7 screen Perhaps this book would loo

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    Kids will want to hear this over rover This Book is Gray by Lindsay Ward is an adorable kids book to learn colors and just have fun Lots happening in each page to keep busy eyes attentive.

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    Read for free with Kindle Unlimited This was so cute A lovely and charming story that put a smile on my face the whole time It shows a beauty in a color most probably don t think about in terms of art.Would recommend for your little ones

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    Gray is a depressing color, rarely signifying anything good Gray sky, gray snow, gray skin, gray mood This book is about a color who wants to be included, despite every other color trying to convince him that nobody likes him and he doesn t belong.I could see where Gray had a point My eyes weren t used to looking at gray illustrations Everything looked strange, probably because artists avoid gray in their art It s a

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    Cute book about the color gray wanting to create its own story All the other colors rudely butt in saying it s impossible without a primary color It turns into a story within the story where the crayons are giving their input while Gray keeps trying to work on their story In the end, there is a great balance of color and the characters Gray creates get their happy ending too

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    Gray has decided to create his own Gray Book because he is always feeling left out The other colors have a lot to say about that idea This is a clever, cheerful story that fans of THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT will love This book plays with colors and color concepts and it also addresses feelings about being left out something everyone has felt at one time or another A fun, character filled comedy with plenty of heart.

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