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Boundary Haunted Months After Her Battles In Wyoming, Allison Lex Luther Is Still Struggling With The Aftereffects Of The Psychic Attack She Suffered And With The New Developments In Her Own Magic.Then Lex S Boss, The Cardinal Vampire Of Colorado, Passes Along A Strange Request From Her Counterpart In Atlanta Hundreds Of Civil War Spirits Have Abruptly Vanished In Beau Calhoun S Territory, And He Wants Lex To Figure Out Why In Exchange, Beau Can Help Her Understand Boundary Magic, Which Runs In His Family Line As Well.Despite Her Trepidation, Lex Journeys To The Deep South, Where She Discovers That Ghosts Are Everywhere And That Her Host S Intentions Are Complicated Than He Promised It Seems His Teenage Descendant Is Being Hunted, And Both Beau And Lex Fear The Young Woman S Boundary Blood May Have Made Her A Target.With Atlanta S History Looming Over Her Every Move, Lex Will Have To Face Beau S Ghosts And Her Own To Prevent A Boundary Magic Attack She Never Dreamed Possible.

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    When an old vampire who fought for the South in the Civil War notices some of the ghosts in Atlanta are disappearing he calls in Lex to investigate She agrees but immediately upon arrival is confronted with some attitudes she can t tolerate She finds herself n

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    Boundary Haunted reminded me why I love Melissa F Olson s storytelling Lex is suffering from a form a PTSD, after a physic attack leaves her reeling a previous installment So, when her boss, Maven, asks her to go to Atlanta to help another vampire, Beau Calhoun with a g

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    Boundary HauntedBoundary Magic, Book 5By Melissa F OlsonNarrated by Kate RuddOur Boundary Witch is asked to help an elder vampire Seems someone is taking the spirits that are around items of the Civil War and other items of his personal collection These are some spirits he knew,

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    I was looking for something in the fantasy genre, and the cover of Boundary Haunted caught my eye Not having read any of the first four books in the Boundary Magic series, I wasn t sure what to expect As the series seemed well received by other readers, I decided to take a chance.The main

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    3.5 stars 1.99 Kindle sale, March 1, 2020.

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    Still struggling with nightmares after the psychic attack she suffered after the last book, Allison Lex Luther travels to Atlanta, Georgia, to fulfill the request of help from the vampire cardinal Abner Beaumont Beau Calhoun Apparently, Beau s ghosts are missing, and since Lex is a boundary witch, Beau thinks

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    While I greatly enjoyed this entire series, this 5th book in the Boundary Magic series was just awesome Being from the South and having spent a lot of time in the Atlanta area, I could imagine much of the scenery and of course in my mind, Beau, the Atlanta cardinal vampire, has this wonderful old southern accent that I

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    Boundary Haunted is the fifth book of the Boundary Magic series by Melissa F Olson In this book, Allison goes down to Atlanta and deals with missing Civil War ghosts.I liked this book a lot and thought it was very good It was nice to see Lex go to Atlanta I liked Lex a lot as a character.Will have to read the other books in the

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    I really enjoyed this book I liked how Lex has to take herself out of her comfort zone on this assignment and deal with things she s not really used to The history woven into this story was an added bonus As I was reading this, I could picture the places like I was there along side the characters

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    Brilliant bookWell this book certainly kept me gripped, I couldn t put it down until I d finished reading it Lex has to find out why spirits are disappearing and who is making spirit bottles She gets shot at and someone tried to poison her There is plenty of action in this book and witches, vampires and a werewolf.

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