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Daughter of the Reich For Fans Of The Nightingale And All The Light We Cannot See, A Spellbinding Story Of Impossible Love Set Against The Backdrop Of The Nazi RegimeAs The Dutiful Daughter Of A High Ranking Nazi Officer, Hetty Heinrich Is Keen To Play Her Part In The Glorious New Thousand Year Reich But She Never Imagines That All She Believes And Knows About Her World Will Come Into Stark Conflict When She Encounters Walter, A Jewish Friend From The Past, Who Stirs Dangerous Feelings In Her Confused And Conflicted, Hetty Doesn T Know Whom She Can Trust And Where She Can Turn To, Especially When She Discovers That Someone Has Been Watching HerRealizing She Is Taking A Huge Risk But Unable To Resist The Intense Attraction She Has For Walter She Embarks On A Secret Love Affair With Him Together, They Dream About When The War Will Be Over And Plan For Their Future But As The Rising Tide Of Anti Semitism Threatens To Engulf Them, Hetty And Walter Will Be Forced To Take Extreme MeasuresWill The Steady March Of Dark Forces Destroy Hetty S Universe Or Can Love Ultimately Triumph Propulsive, Deeply Affecting, And Inspired By The Author S Family History, Daughter Of The Reich Is A Mesmerizing Page Turner Filled With Vivid Characters And A Meticulously Researched Portrait Of Nazi Germany In This Riveting Story Of Passion, Courage And Morality, Louise Fein Introduces A Bold Young Woman Determined To Tread The Treacherous Path Of Survival And Freedom, Showing Readers The Strength In The Power Of Love And Reminding Us That The Past Must Never Be Forgotten

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    How was it possible for Hitler to lure masses of people to follow his extreme views After WWI, the Treaty of Versailles forced Germans to pay war reparations, which had crushing effects on economy and humiliating effects on patriotic Germans Hitler, a mesmerizing public speake

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    This is the second book I ve read in recent months that is set in the pre World War II time period of the 1930s in Germany, during which Hitler rose to power and Nazism infiltrated every part of the country Though set in a similar time period, the angle that this book explores is m

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    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway Thank you to William Morrow This was a really good book It is about the daughter of a high ranking Nazi officer during WW2 Hetty Heinrich knows only what she s been brought up to believe, which is idolizing Hitler and believing in his hatred of th

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    Daughter of the Reich takes place in Germany during the 1930 s, life is good for the Heinrich family and they have just moved into a beautiful house in Leipzig Hetty s father is a busy man, Hetty, her mother and her brother Karl don t question what the head of the household is up to, he work

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    Hetty Heinrich is the daughter of a high ranking SS officer, her mother and older brother Karl have just moved from a flat to a three story house with a garden She is loyal to her family and to Hitler, as she has been bought up to be a good German girl.When Hetty was 7 she nearly drowned, Karl s

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    It is the 1930s, pre war Germany At the start of the book, we meet twelve year old Hetty Heinrich, her brother Karl and his best friend Walter In a few years, the rise of Hitler and the spread of Nazism start to overtake their lives Hetty s father is rising in the ranks of the SS and Karl is following

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    I read a lot of World War II fiction and this is a different look at the war than what is normally written This book takes place in Germany before the war and gives a view of how many of the German people revered Hitler and thought that he was the only person that could save their country Most of the peopl

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    In People Like Us, Louise Fein manages to take us right inside the mind of German schoolgirl Hetty Heinrich, daughter of a high ranking SS officer in the 1930s At first Hetty swallows the Nazi party line, kissing Hitler s picture and trying her hardest to be a good German girl When she realises that her brother

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    People like Us is a fascinating immersive book set in 1930 s Germany and seen through the eyes of main character, teenage Hetty Hetty s struggle is brilliantly portrayed, she is torn between her adoration of Hitler and her equally powerful draw towards her childhood friend and saviour Walter who happens to be Jewish

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    Heartbreakingly good book Told from thenpoint of a young German girl She has been told the German way is the only way But slowly she discovers what the truth really is and tries to do everything to save her jewish boyfriend from a terrible fate

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